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Solar installation contractors can now apply for the solar permits through the City's permitting portal with Solar APP+. SolarAPP+ is designed to provide a code-compliance check for the majority of residential roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. . Contractors must be registered with SolarAPP+ in order to qualify for the automated review. 

Please note:  Daly City is currently only utilizing this program for PV installs under 10kW and for which no ESS/battery is proposed. For commercial projects, systems above 10kW, or installations of PV systems with one or more batteries, please email the project to the Building Division.

Steps for Obtaining a Permit with SolarAPP+

  1. Access Your SolarAPP+ account
  2. Submit Project in SolarAPP+
    • Submit your project through the SolarApp+ website.
    • Pay the processing fee from SolarApp+. This is separate from the City's PV permitting fees.
    • Download the approval documents. You will need these to upload into the City's permitting portal when applying for a City permit.
  3. Apply for Permit on the City's Permitting Portal
    • Login to your City portal account.
    • Choose the SolarAPP+ permit application and complete the steps. Upload the required SolarAPP+ approval documents when prompted.
    • An invoice will be sent for the permitting fees. Submit payment to the City via e-mail using a credit card form or in-person at the cashier.
    • Once fees are paid the permit will be issued and can be downloaded from your account. Documents should be be onsite for inspections.
  4. Schedule Inspections with the City
    • Call the Building Division at 650-991-8061 between the hours of 8AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday, to schedule your inspection.


**Please see above note on projects currently accepted by Daly City through SolarAPP+ review.