Home Occupation Permit

All Daly City residents desiring to conduct a business in their home must first obtain a Home Occupation Permit.  Home occupations that do not create objectionable impacts to the neighborhood are generally allowed.  Certain home occupations, such as firearm sales, animal boarding, and vehicle repair are not allowed. 

Prior to submitting a request for a Home Occupation Permit, the City requires that all applicants confirm that they have reviewed the City's Home Occupation regulations and agree to abide by them.

The application form for a Home Occupation can be downloaded from this link --  https://www.dalycity.org/hopapp.

This form should be filled out and submitted with a business license application to the City's Finance Department, which will collect fees for the Home Occupation Permit and Business License.  Upon receiving the applications, the Finance Department will route them to the appropriate City departments for simultaneously review.  If both are approved, you will receive a Business License allowing you to commence operation of the Home Occupation.

Details and questions about the Home Occupation Permit can be answered by the Planning Division at (650) 991-8033.  Questions about the Business License can be answered by the Finance Department at (650) 991-8088.