This page provides the application forms necessary for the Planning Division to receive applications for and issue land use entitlements.  The Minor Development Project Application includes Administrative Use Permits, Design Reviews, Use Permits, and Variances . The Major Development Project Application includes General Plan Amendments, Rezonings, and Subdivisions. Each application includes an application form and a list of the required submittal materials on its reverse side.  All application forms must be notarized if the applicant is not the property owner.  E-signatures are acceptable.

Please note that the Planning Division accepts only digital material for all applications.  Paper material is not accepted.  Because the Planning Division fees are updated annually, please contact the Planning Division at 650-991-8033 for an invoice.

Once submitted to the Planning Division, the application is assigned to a project planner and scheduled for a Development Coordinating Committee (DCC) meeting, which involves the applicant and all the City's departments responsible for providing permits or infrastructure to the project.  The DCC is scheduled the following Wednesday, at 9:00 A.M., after the Planning Division receives all of the materials necessary to hold a DCC meeting for the project, including any applicable fees.  With the exception of the General Plan Amendments and Rezoings, the Planning Division will communicate which additional items are necessary to schedule Planning Commission and City Council meetings within 30 calendar days after all the aforesaid materials are received.

Most Minor Development Applications are processed within eight to 12 weeks, although Administrative Design Review permits are typically processed within two weeks.  Major Development Applications are typically processed within four to eight months, with applications involving advanced environmental review taking eight to 12 months.

Application Forms and Planning Division Fees

(please note - fees are updated annually and do not include any review fees that may be charged by other Divisions or Departments, or the Bayshore Sanitary District)