Serramonte Del Rey Campus Redevelopment - Final EIR

In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City has prepared a Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) to assess the potential environmental consequences of implementing the proposed Precise Plan. The FEIR incorporates the Draft EIR (DEIR), which the City made available for public review from July 25, 2023, through September 8, 2023. Copies of all written comments received on the DEIR are contained in the FEIR, as are responses to these comments. During the public review period, the City received comments from 38 interested parties. These comments are contained within the FEIR Appendix A: EIR Comment Letters.

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Serramonte Del Rey FInal EIR 

Appendix A - Appendix B- Serramonte del Rey Redevelopment Comment Letters

Appendix B- Serramonte del Rey Redevelopment Comment Letter Attachments