Residential Additions Guidelines

A guide for construction of residential additions.

  1. Background
  2. Plan Requirements
  3. Who Draws the Plans?
  4. Energy Requirements
  5. Plot Plan
  6. Floor Plans
  7. Details & Elevations
  8. Special Smoke Detector Requirements
  9. Carbon Monoxide Requirements
  10. Daly City Municipal Codes
  11. Submitting an Application
  12. Obtaining Permits & Beginning Construction Work
  13. Permit Expiration
  14. Enforcement
  15. Additional Information
  16. Top 10 Most Common Plan Check Comments
  17. Sample Plans


The purpose of this page is to provide direction to those wishing to provide additional floor space to their homes. This handout is intended to provide information regarding the planning, plan preparation, permit, and construction inspection processes.

The addition of living space usually takes one of two forms:

  • Living area constructed within the existing foundation, such as rooms downstairs
  • Living area constructed outside the original foundation, such as a one or two story rear addition

Generally, adding rooms downstairs is feasible if the rooms do not or intrude into required parking areas. Additions to the outside of the house are limited by the lot coverage ordinances. Contact the Planning Division for specific lot coverage information at 650-991-8033.

Before You Start

Prior to designing an addition, it is a good idea to visit the Planning and Building Divisions in City Hall. Staff will provide specific information regarding the requirements and regulation of the proposed project. This initial direction may save time and money.

For more information, visit the Building Division page and/or the Planning Division page.