Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau is commanded by Captain John Gamez.


Captain John Gamez started his career in 1994 as a Patrol Officer. During his six years as an Officer, he served as a Field Training Officer, Detective and SWAT Team member. John was promoted to Sergeant in July 2000. As a Sergeant, he was responsible for the direct supervision of patrol officers, was a SWAT Team Leader and was the Department's Training and Recruiting Sergeant. In 2006, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant where he was assigned as the weekend Patrol Watch Commander overseeing all department operations and supervising 20 officers and sergeants assigned to his Division. In 2010, he was assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Special Services Division, which includes the Department's Traffic and Community Policing Units. In December 2010, he was assigned as the Acting Captain in charge of Field Operations, which includes the Patrol and Traffic Divisions. In March 2012, he was promoted to Captain in charge of Field Operations and was also responsible for the department's Compstat program, meeting regularly with Field Operations Staff to discuss crime trends and deployment strategies. He took over the Support Services Bureau in 2014 until late 2020 when he transferred back to Field Operations. 


Captain Gamez holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management from California State University, Sacramento. He also is a graduate of the West Point Leadership Academy, attended the Boston University Senior Management Institute for Policing and is a graduate of the F.B.I National Academy.

The Field Operations Bureau  includes the following divisions, units, and programs:

  • Bicycle Patrol Unit
  • Canine Program
  • Field Operations Division A
  • Field Operations Division B
  • Gang Task Force
  • Police Cadet Program
  • SWAT Team