Code Enforcement Process

When a complaint is received, or staff suspects a violation, the following steps are undertaken to have the violation abated:

  • An inspection is scheduled to determine if the complaint has merit. If it does not, the case is closed.
  • If the complaint has merit, a letter explaining the violations is mailed to the property owner. It provides direction and timelines to abate the violations.
  • If the violations are not abated within reasonable timelines, the case may be referred to the Administrative Hearing (Appeals) Board.

Reporting Complaints / Violations

To report Code Enforcement violations, contact the Code Enforcement Division by phone or email, or visit the City's iHelp page to report online. Examples of violations to report include:

  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Building Code violations, such as construction without permit, illegal additions, etc.
  • Property Maintenance violations such as weeds, garbage, junk, graffiti, etc. on private property
  • Zoning Code violations such as home occupations, conditions of approval, etc.