Underground Service Alerts

Before the Department of Water and Wastewater Resources performs any job, we are required by law to contact the Underground Service Alert (USA) organization. This organization notifies all utility companies, (like P.G.&E., A.T.& T., Pac Bell), and local government agencies of our intent to work in a certain area. They respond to the location of the work site and mark on the ground with spray paint the locations of their utility.

Utility Color Code

Each utility has its own color code identifier:

  • Blue - Water
  • Green - Sewer/Storm Drain
  • Orange - Communications/Cable
  • Red - Electric
  • White - Proposed Excavation
  • Yellow - Gas/Oil/Steam/Chemical

Contact USA Before Digging

Before you do any digging on your property, it may be wise to call (USA) at least 2 days before you dig. Their phone number is 800-227-2600. All local utility companies will respond to locate and mark where their utility is. This will allow you to safely dig without damaging any underground pipe or cable that you may not have been aware was on your property.