Shutdown Notices

Shutdown notices are placed on your door prior to the water being shut off in your area for repairs. 

Types of Shutdowns

You will note that there are two kinds of shutdowns that we perform:

  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Scheduled Shutdown

Emergency Shutdown

This type of shutdown occurs when there is an unscheduled water leak. This may be a hydrant that has been knocked down by a vehicle or a broken water pipe in the street, to name just a few examples. When these leaks are reported, our crews respond as quickly as possible to shut the water off and make the necessary repairs. The water needs to be shut off as soon as possible to reduce any chance of personal injury and property damage. You can be assured that the crews are working as efficiently as possible to restore your water service in a safe and timely fashion.


Notices for emergency shutdowns read as follows:

On [date] at [time], we will be turning off the water to your area in order to make an emergency repair to the water pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We expect the water to be turned back on [time].

Scheduled Shutdown

When we plan a job that will require us to shut the water off to make a repair or improvement to the water system, we will notify you at least 48 hours in advance of the water being turned off. This allows you time to adjust your lifestyle for the period that you will be without water.


Notices for scheduled shutdowns read as follows:

On [date] from [start time] to [end time], we will be turning off the water to your area in order to make necessary improvements to the water pipes supplying your neighborhood.

If you have to leave your house after the water has been turned off, please make sure that all your faucets and fixtures are off to prevent the danger of flooding when the water is turned on.

After the water is turned on, you may notice some discoloration in your water. This is normal and not unhealthy. Please let your cold water run for several minutes until it runs clear.