Fee Schedule

The Daly City Police Department’s fee schedule is adjusted and regulated accordingly, to keep it fair and equitable for all parties involved. Please call 650-991-8119 or stop by if the fee schedule that you are looking for is not included below:

Audio Tape$15 per tape
Auto Impound Fee$240 per release
Boot Release Fee$60 per release
Civil Court Appearance$275 per appearance
Clearance Letter$25 per letter
Digital Photographs/CD’s$15 per CD
Dispatch Tape, per hour$60 per request
False Alarms (No charge for first one)$100 for each subsequent false alarm
Fingerprinting$30 per request plus Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigations fees
Ink Fingerprinting$25 per card
Massage Establishment$550
Massage Technician$112
Photograph Copies$10 per print
Police Report CopiesNone at present
Repossession Fee$15.00
Special Event Permit$210
Storage of Firearms$190 for first firearm and $25 for each additional firearm
Taxi ApplicantsNew $127 per application
Taxi Applicants, Renewal$50 per application
Video Tape$25 per tape