Clearance Letters

A clearance letter is a document that contains information about your clean criminal record. These letters are sometimes needed when applying for a visa, other travel purposes, or when adopting a child. You may request one from our Records Unit, who can be reached at (650) 991-8110.


You must be a current resident or at one time resided in Daly City.

You must come in person to the Daly City Police Department and present a valid form of photo identification such as state issued driver’s license, identification card, or passport with a fairly recent photo and your Daly City address.


The background check and processing fee for a clearance letter is $50 per name checked.

Issuance of Clearance Letter

A check of only Daly City records will be conducted. You will only be provided with a clearance letter if you do not have any record of arrest in Daly City. If you initially state that you were never arrested and a records check is performed, which revealed an arrest record, a clearance letter will not be issued and the fee paid will not be refunded to you.