Next Steps

Next Steps

Many of the trees we plant today will mature in 20 to 30 years, becoming stunning landmarks in our City. Interesting and rare species that thrive in our climate will inspire future generations and dramatically enhance our urban environment. Have you ever been awe-struck by a giant, mature tree? Think about how that sense of awe can enhance our everyday experience, and how natural features like large trees can bring nature back into our daily lives.

Tree Collage

Mediterranean Climates

Daly City resides in one of the world's best horticultural regions, as one of the five Mediterranean climates that include California, central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, Southwestern Australia, and the Mediterranean Basin. These small regions are home to some of the most diverse plant communities on Earth. We will draw upon this diversity to create a resilient urban forest, even in the face of climate change.

Daly City Drought-Tolerant Tree Guide!

The tree guide (PDF) contains detailed profiles, with photos, of species that are best suited to Daly City's unique (and foggy!) climate.

Long-Term Survival

In preparing for a changing climate in which drought conditions become more prevalent across California, we want to ensure that the tree selections we make in the current day will have the best chance for long-term survival. California landscapes are evolving with the changing climate. As you will see on the tree list, it is still very possible to plant a range of truly beautiful trees that will withstand the effects of climate change.