Police Cadet

Definition (part-time/temporary)

Under the direction of a police supervisor, performs routine police support duties and related work as required while receiving academic and on-the-job police training.

Examples of Duties

Duty assignments as may be required by the Chief of Police, short of actual enforcement responsibilities. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • COMPLAINT DESK: The primary function of the Cadet will be general task assignments at the Complaint Desk. Under the supervision of the Watch Commander, or the Watch Commander's designate, the cadet will handle a variety of public contacts involving private citizens, law enforcement personnel, and others having need of police services, both in person and by telephone, as well as performing Station duties as needed. Tasks shall include receiving and routing service calls and messages, answering public inquiries, assisting personnel from other agencies, assisting citizens with complaints or problems, maintaining various station logs and records, typing reports, filing tasks, making computer and file inquiries as required, releasing of impounded vehicles, and other related duties as assigned.
  • OTHER DUTIES: The cadet will perform other support duties and may be assigned to non-enforcement tasks in other Divisions of the Police Department such as in the Records Division, Detective Division, Training Division, or Crime Lab. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to observe accurately and remember names, faces, numbers, incidents, and places
  • Understand and follow oral and written directions, and interpret laws, rules, and regulations, and meet standards of adequate physical stature, endurance and agility
  • Communicate orally and in writing to the level of giving clear instructions and directions and writing reports
  • Be willing to work irregular hours and days
  • Maintain a satisfactory work attendance record
  • Learn, solve problems
  • Demonstrate interest in people, interpersonal sensitivity, integrity, dependability, and credibility 
  • Interact positively and cooperate with co-workers, respond politely to customers, work as a team member, function under demanding time pressure, respond in a positive manner to supervision
  • Attend work and perform duties on a regular and consistent basis


  • Graduation from high school or equivalent. Current enrollment in Administration of Justice or Police Science courses is desirable


  • Must be 17 years of age for entrance


  • Height and weight commensurate with build. Normal visual functions and visual acuity not less than 20/100 vision in each eye without corrections; and corrected to 20/20 in the better eye and not less than 20/30 in the lesser eye


  • Possession of a valid Class C California Driver's License


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