Traffic Safety Committee

Street with Vehicles DrivingThe Daly City Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) was established to assist in the review of various traffic-related requests received from residents and business owners. The TSC is comprised of representatives from the City's Department of Public Works, Engineering and Maintenance Divisions, Economic Development Department Planning Division, Fire Department, and Police Department. The TSC will evaluate requests based on current Daly City policies, adopted traffic Engineering standards, such as the CAMUTCD, ASSHTO, and Caltrans, perform field investigations if required, and review existing traffic information (traffic volume counts, speed survey data, and accident history).

Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Request

In order to have your request reviewed by the TSC, please fill out a Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Request for Review Form (PDF) as detailed as possible. Drop off the form to the Engineering Division at our counter located on the first floor of City Hall. The form may also be returned via fax, email, or mail to the Engineering Division.

Cars Driving by a Speeding RadarReviewing the Request

When the Engineering Division receives your completed form indicating your request, it will be reviewed and if appropriate, placed on the next available TSC meeting agenda. TSC meetings are not public meetings and consist of City staff only. The meetings are typically held on the 2nd Thursday of every month, pending staff availability. The results of the TSC meeting will be forwarded to you in writing, indicating the Committee's action. The recommendations of the TSC are advisory to the Public Works Director. 

Change in Traffic Regulation

If in agreement with the TSC recommendation, the Public Works Director will schedule the change or new in traffic regulation for City Council consideration at the next available City Council Meeting. If you have any questions regarding the TSC, please email

Disabled Parking Zone Request

On-street parking in many neighborhoods is limited. All vehicles with a current registration have an equal opportunity to park in any legal on-street parking space. Therefore, disabled parking zones (blue zones) are only granted when extreme circumstances exist. All applications are individually evaluated and primary consideration is given to applicants who do not have access to off-street parking such as driveways or garages. The designation of an on-street parking space with a blue curb is not for the exclusive use of the property owner fronting this curb location, or exclusive to the person requesting the disabled person parking space. 

Anyone with the appropriate license plate or placard may use the designated space.

Blue Zone Parking Space

The Daly City Municipal Code 10.32.090 (F) directs any person requesting a designation of a blue zone parking space in a residential zone to fill out and file, with the Director of Public Works, a Residential Disabled Parking Zone Request Application (PDF) for the designation of a blue curb parking space. The application should be returned via fax, email, or mail to the Engineering Division.

Post Application

Upon receiving such an application and the required documents, engineering staff performs a site visit and TSC will review the application. The results of the TSC meeting will be forwarded to you in writing, indicating the Committee's decision. If you have any questions concerning the application process, please email