Storm Drain MedallionThe Public Works - Streets section maintains the city's stormwater drainage system. Catchbasins and storm pipes are cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule. Street sweeping occurs at least one day a week on all city-owned streets. By reducing the amount of leaf litter, trash, and other debris entering the stormwater system, street sweeping has the beneficial effects of improving drainage performance and water quality discharge.


Water that enters the stormwater system ultimately drains into the Pacific Ocean or San Francisco Bay. Street sweeping is only one of the methods to reduce water pollution endorsed by the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program (SMCWPPP). SMCWPPP was formed by San Mateo County and all its cities in order to find the best ways to minimize water pollution. Citizens are also encouraged to do their part in reducing water pollution.

Report Storm Drain Dumping

If you have witnessed anything other than rainwater entering a storm drain, you can report storm drain dumping online.