City Attorney

Welcome to the Office of the City Attorney for the City of Daly City.


The Office of the City Attorney provides legal representation to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, various departments in the City, City Boards and Commissions. The Office serves as general counsel for the Daly City Housing Development Finance Agency and the Public Facilities Finance Corporation and as District Counsel to the North San Mateo County Sanitation District.

The City Attorney's Office is responsible for providing, either directly or through outside counsel, for the defense of the City, its officers, and employees against lawsuits and claims.


  • Drafting, reviewing, and approving as to form all contracts, surety bonds, ordinances, policies, and resolutions
  • Preparing resolutions and ordinances for City Council agendas
  • Providing advice or written opinions to any City officer, department head, board commission, or other units of local government in areas of land use, personnel, elections, conflict of interest, and economic development
  • Responding to requests for public records and other documents

Risk Management Division

  • Manages the City's insurance portfolio for both General Liability and Workers Compensation programs
  • Manages the Citywide Safety Program
  • Manages personal injury and property damage claims filed against the City through the City Clerk's Office