Professional Standards Unit

Mission Statement

The mission of the Professional Standards Unit is to conduct thorough, timely, and impartial investigations of alleged misconduct by the members of the Daly City Police Department. These investigations will be appropriately documented in a legal and ethical manner. The Professional Standards Unit is staffed by a Sergeant who is designated by the Chief of Police. Additionally, the unit administratively investigates all officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths.

Retaliation Policy

The Daly City Police Department believes in the right of all persons to report potential misconduct by its members without fear of retaliation. Retaliation against any party to a complaint made to the Department or the Professional Standards Unit is prohibited. The Department will not tolerate retaliation and will take immediate disciplinary action against any member in violation of this policy.

Complaint Process

Any person can file an allegation against any member of the Daly City Police Department. An allegation is an unproven accusation that a member of the Police Department violated Department or City policy procedure, rules, regulations, or the law. If you believe that the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may request to speak to the on-duty supervisor at the police station or contact the Professional Standards Unit by calling (650) 991-8183.

You can also submit a Personnel Complaint Form online.