What are the possible solutions to the street light outages?

Many California cities are facing budget constraints that limit the ability to pay outright for desperately needed infrastructure upgrades. Like school districts funding replacement or expansion of schools, a special tax assessment is used to fund capital needs and infrastructure. In these instances, cities turn to assessment districts to help finance projects that would otherwise go unfunded. View examples of cities that established assessment districts to pay for vital citizen needs:

  • Stockton created an assessment district to fund the maintenance costs of storm drain basins throughout the city.
  • In San Diego, residents voted to form assessment districts to fund parks and landscaping upkeep. (View the Maintenance Assessment Districts (PDF) to learn more.)
  • Similar to Daly City’s needs, Rancho Cucamonga formed eight assessment districts to fund street light and traffic signal costs.

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1. What areas are most affected by street light outages?
2. How long has this been a problem?
3. Is the City turning off the street lights to save money?
4. What are the side effects of street light outages?
5. How frequently do street lights fail?
6. How long do the street lights stay off?
7. How does street light outages impact residents?
8. Why would street light outages impact businesses?
9. Why can't Daly City or PG&E resolve this problem?
10. I pay my taxes, why can't the City fully fund street light replacements?
11. What are the options to repair the street lights?
12. What is an assessment district?
13. How much will a street light conversion cost?
14. How much will a property owner potentially have to pay?
15. How are funds collected?
16. Where can I find more information about assessment districts?
17. What causes the street light outages?
18. Why are street lights so difficult to repair?
19. What are the possible solutions to the street light outages?
20. Where are regular street light outages happening?