What does this mean for employers in 2024?
  • Starting January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in the City of Daly City is $16.62 per hour. Tips and other benefits may not be considered an offset to the Minimum Wage.
  • Each employer must give written notification to each current employee and to new employees (at the time of hire) of the employee’s rights under the Minimum Wage Ordinance.
  • The employer must post the Official Notice prominently in the areas at the worksite where it will be seen by all employees. Failure to post such notice will be a violation of the Municipal Code.
  • Each employer shall maintain for at least three years for each employee, a record of their name, hours worked, and pay rate.
  • Under the Ordinance, an employer may not retaliate against an employee for making a complaint to the City regarding their right to receive the minimum wage specified. The City of Daly City will investigate possible violations and may take enforcement action including reinstatement of the employee, payment of back wages, and civil penalties.

AB 1228 establishes a minimum wage of $20.00 per hour for fast-food workers beginning April 1, 2024.  

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1. What does this mean for employers in 2024?
2. What does this mean for employees in 2024?