Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division is overseen by Lieutenant Matthew Fox and includes the following units: Records, Communications Liaison, Property and Evidence.

Lt. Matthew Fox started his Daly City career as a patrol officer in 1998, where he served as a Field Training Officer, Detective and Background Investigator. Matthew was promoted to Sergeant in July 2013. As a Sergeant, he was responsible for the direct supervision of patrol teams and the Traffic Unit. Matthew was promoted to Lieutenant in December 2015 and was assigned as a Patrol Watch Commander overseeing the department operations, patrol officers and sergeants assigned to his division. In 2018, he was assigned as the Technical Services Division Lieutenant which oversees all logistical aspects of the organization outside of patrol operations. Matthew has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento, and he is currently enrolled in a program through California Coast University where he is working towards obtaining a Master's degree in Criminal Justice.

Matthew Fox