Community Detail

The Daly City Police Department's Community Detail Officer provides many valuable services to the community. The Community Detail is currently staffed by Officer (TBD) who has been with the Daly City Police Department for (... ) years. The Community Detail Officer is also the Lead Police Explorer Advisor.


The Community Detail Officer attends community meetings along with other members of the Police Department's Administration in order to address problems occurring in neighborhoods throughout the City. This Officer provides information on how to start a Neighborhood Watch program and also addresses other citizens' concerns.

School Presentations

Most of the Community Detail Officer's curriculum consists of interacting with the students at the various schools in Daly City. You will often find the Community Detail Officer giving presentations on:

  • 911 Usage
  • Bullying
  • Careers in Law Enforcement
  • Gang Awareness
  • General Safety

At the high schools, the Community Detail Officer provides a presentation on the 4th amendment (Search and Seizure) to the government classes.