Parking Restrictions & Citations

Another way that residents can help Public Works staff sweep city streets more effectively and at the lowest cost is to strictly observe the "No Parking" time prohibition to allow street sweepers to do their job.

Police Assistants or PAs

Although it is a common practice for Police Assistants or PAs, to not issue parking citations after a street sweeper has passed a specific street location, often the Police Assistants do not know if the sweeper has passed by or not. PAs will typically try to stay in front of or in close proximity to street sweeping operations, but this is not always possible. In order to stay on schedule, the street sweepers do not stop or slow down if a PA falls behind the sweeping operation in order to issue multiple citations in one location. Therefore, a PA may not be aware of the minute to minute status of the sweeping operation.

Parking Citations

Parking citations can legally be issued by Daly City Police Department at any time during the posted restricted parking time, even if sweeping has been completed. On some occasions, such as when residents pile materials in the street, the sweeper will make a second pass down a street, or a hand crew will follow the sweeper to pick up the extra heavy accumulation of debris not picked up by the sweeper on the first pass. Therefore, a citation can still be issued after the sweeper first goes by.

Restricted Areas

If you want to make sure you do not receive a parking citation you should refrain from parking your vehicle in the restricted area for the full-time prohibition or at least until you are sure that not only the sweeper but the PAs have passed by your location. Simply waiting for the sweeper to pass by a single time will not always be sufficient to guarantee that you will not receive a citation if your car is parked during the hours of parking prohibition.

Thank You

Thank you for helping Public Works provide the residents of Daly City a cleaner, safer place to live at the lowest possible cost.

Your Public Works Department