Commercial Vehicle Permit


Daly City residents have frequently complained about the overnight parking of limousines, truck trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles in residential areas. Residents who rely upon such commercial vehicles for their livelihood have also voiced their concerns about the lack of legally acceptable parking areas for their vehicles within Daly City. In an effort to meet the needs of the neighborhoods and working residents alike, the City has developed a program offering a solution for both groups.

The Program

Certain street segments are designated for parking only by commercial vehicles displaying a city-issued permit; to view maps of the referenced street segments, visit the Commercial Vehicle Parking Zones page.

No Parking Except Commercial Vehicles with Approved Permits SignSigns and markings identify the permitted commercial vehicle parking zones. Vehicles parked in the permitted commercial vehicle parking zones without displaying a city-issued permit will be subject to citation and penalties prescribed by the Daly City Municipal Code and summarized as follows:

  • Commercial Vehicle parking outside the permitted parking zone: $260 for each citation
  • Commercial Vehicle parking in the permitted zone without displaying the city-issued permit: $110 for each citation
  • Non-Commercial Vehicle parking in the permitted zone: $40 for each citation

The Permits

Contact the Finance Department at (650) 991-8046 to set up an appointment to apply for a Commercial Vehicle Parking Permit. Please print and complete the application in advance of your appointment. Enforcement will resume on November 1, 2021.