Pedestrian Safety

Yellow CrosswalkCrosswalks

Do you know the difference between a crosswalk painted yellow or white? A yellow crosswalk pictured below indicates a school crossing, whereas the white crosswalk indicates a standard crosswalk. The yellow coloring is designed to alert drivers they are entering a school zone. Be sure to pay extra attention while in a school zone and be alert for small children who may suddenly dart out in front of traffic.

California Vehicle Code

Each year many pedestrians are injured or even killed as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle. The California Vehicle Code (CVC) has many laws that protect motorists and vehicles alike. It is up to all of us to adhere to the vehicle code for our own safety and the safety of others.

We have listed several pertinent vehicle code sections for both drivers and pedestrians. Take a moment to review and refresh your memory as to some of the related rules of the road:

  • Blind Pedestrian: CVC 21963 Driver shall yield partially blind or blind pedestrian using guide dog or carrying predominantly white cane.
  • Block Sidewalk or Crosswalk: CVC 21970(a) Driver shall not block a sidewalk or crosswalk unnecessarily with a vehicle.
  • Jaywalking: CVC 21955 Defined as crossing a roadway between 2 adjacent intersections controlled by traffic signals without using a crosswalk. In the City of Daly City, certain sections of John Daly Boulevard would be an example of this.
  • Overtake Vehicle Stopped for Pedestrian: CVC 21951 Driver shall not overtake and pass vehicle from the rear at any marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.
  • Pedestrian in Bicycle Lane: CVC 21966 Pedestrian shall not use bicycle lane or path where adjacent adequate pedestrian facility exists (e.g, sidewalk)
  • Pedestrian in Crosswalk: CVC 21950(a) Driver shall yield to pedestrian within any marked crosswalk or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.
  • Pedestrian Not in Crosswalk: CVC 21495(a) Pedestrian shall yield to vehicles when crossing a highway.
  • Pedestrian on Sidewalk: CVC 21952 Driver shall yield to approaching pedestrian before driving over or on a sidewalk.
  • Pedestrian Run or Stop in Crosswalk: CVC 21950(b) No pedestrian shall suddenly walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is close enough to be an immediate hazard, or unnecessarily delay traffic while in a crosswalk.
  • Pedestrian Signals: CVC 21453(d), 21456(a) and (b) A pedestrian facing a red arrow or signal shall not enter the roadway unless directed by a pedestrian control signal. Additionally, a pedestrian facing a "walk" symbol may proceed but only after yielding to vehicles lawfully within the intersection. Lastly, a pedestrian shall not cross the roadway when facing a "don't walk symbol".
  • Walking on Roadway: CVC 21956(a) and (b) Pedestrian shall walk close to the outside roadway edge (face approaching traffic) when not in a business or residential district.