Business Rules

Redflex Traffic SystemsAutomated enforcement systems are well regulated by state law and have many safeguards that have been legislated in order to give the public a high level of confidence in their application. When a violation is captured, all data is reviewed by the program administrator before a citation is issued.


The intent of the Business Rules for the City of Daly City is to provide guidelines, structure and methods of operation for the various functions that comprise a red light camera program.

The rules encompass an array of procedures that direct the work of Redflex Traffic Systems (RTS) employees. Though the contract is the controlling document outlining various obligations of RTS and the city, these rules define specific operational components of the program.


These rules may be amended from time to time at the direction of the city, when legislative changes occur, or when RTS updates or changes a procedure.

When it is necessary to modify a function defined herein, that change will be noted in the revision history. It is also encouraged to review these rules on no less than an annual basis. A copy of the rules will be retained by RTS and the city. Any change to the rules will require notice to the other party.