Justine Santos

Justine SantosCareer

Justine Santos is an education organizer and current Daly City resident. Though relatively new, within the last decade Justine has worked at different capacities with Daly City and San Francisco families doing leadership development and community organizing around housing, education and social justice issues, especially those impacting historically underserved communities. She is the Lead Organizer for Californians for Justice in Oakland, organizing high school students and developing their leadership skills to transform schools and districts, exercise the power of youth voice and advocate for quality education throughout California.

Role as a Trustee

Justine believes in education as critical to thriving, sustainable and healthy communities and sees literacy as key to a quality education. She was appointed to the Library Board of Trustees in February of 2019 and looks forward to working closely with youth, families, staff and community to envision and implement innovative library structures and services throughout Daly City and support literacy for all ages.