Serramonte Del Rey Campus Redevelopment DRAFT EIR




 Project Title: Serramonte Del Rey Campus Redevelopment Project

City/County: City of Daly City, San Mateo County, California

Public Review Period: July 25, 2023 to September 8, 2023

NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN that the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for the Serramonte Del Rey Campus Redevelopment Project (hereinafter referred to as the “project”) in the City of Daly City will be available beginning on July 25, 2023 for review and comment by the public and all interested persons, agencies, and organizations for a period of 45 days, ending September 8, 2023. All comments on the Draft EIR must be received by September 8, 2023 by 5:00 PM. 

Project Location: The approximately 22-acre project site is located on the south side of Serramonte Boulevard between the intersections of Callan Boulevard/Serramonte Boulevard and St. Francis Boulevard/Serramonte Boulevard in the City of Daly City (APN 091-211-230). The majority of the project site has a General Plan land use designation of C-O (Commercial – Office) and is zoned PD-31 (Planned Development District) while a smaller portion of the site in the northwest corner was rezoned to PD-31A for a faculty and staff housing project that has been constructed and now is occupied and has a General Plan land use designation of R-HD (Residential-High Density).

Project Description: The approximately 22-acre project site currently consists of a main building built in the 1960s currently occupied by Jefferson Union High School District (JUHSD) offices and non-profit organizations, temporary buildings, surface parking, and construction activity for JUHSD faculty and staff housing. A Serramonte Del Rey Precise Plan (PD-31) was approved for the project site in 1985 and allowed up to 175 residential units and approximately 700,000 square feet (sq. ft.) of office space. The applicant and owner, JUHSD, is proposing to prepare a new Precise Plan to allow for the redevelopment of the project site area with up to 1,235 units of affordable and market-rate rental housing (20 13.5 percent affordable units), up to 14,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail/commercial uses (in addition to 1,400 2,800 square feet for a Head Start childcare facility), and infrastructure improvements throughout the project area. Compared to the existing approved plan, the proposal would result in a net increase of 1,060 residential units and the elimination of planned office space.  The new Precise Plan would require a General Plan Amendment from C-O (Commercial – Office) to C-MU (Commercial – Mixed Use).

The proposed Precise Plan would divide the project site into six development parcels (with Parcel C further subdivided into two smaller parcels) and additional street parcels with public access easements. Parcels A, B, and C would have maximum building heights of 77 87 feet, and Parcels D, E, and F would have a maximum building height of 150 feet. The 1985 Precise Plan allowed for 12-story building within the center of the project site, six-story buildings along the eastern property line, and 3.5-story buildings along the western property line. Build-out of the site and division of parcels is anticipated to be over an eight to 12 year period, but potentially up to 15 years. The proposed phasing for the Precise Plan is development of Parcel B first, followed by Parcels C and D, and finally Parcels E and F, although the phasing order may be adjusted by market conditions or other factors. The proposed Precise Plan would also establish a new Planned Development District, consistent with the City’s Municipal Code Chapter 17.28.

The proposed Parcel B development project would be located in the northeast corner of the proposed Precise Plan and would demolish the existing building and surface parking on-site and construct a seven-story (up to 73.5 feet to top of parapet and 85 feet to top of elevator shaft), mixed-use building with 201 residential units and approximately 8,000 square feet of retail space. The building would include two levels of parking (one level of below grade parking). The lower level of the parking garage would provide 212 parking spaces serving the residential units. An additional 133 parking spaces would be provided on the ground-floor, with 43 reserved for retail customers and leasing and the remainder reserved for residential parking. The proposed Parcel B development project would also include three components of open space to be used by the public: 1) approximately 22,300 square-foot public park that would include a large grass area and playground; 2) the first phase of the recreational trail (approximately 6,800 square feet) that would be located in the southeast corner of Parcel B; and 3) open space for public use at the retail plaza (approximately 7,000 square feet) facing the new entry road. Open space serving the residents of the building would include both the ground floor terrace and the roof terrace, up to 20 private balconies for individual units, and an approximately 20,300 square-foot courtyard located on the roof of the parking deck of the mixed-use building which includes amenities such as a hot tub, fire pit, lounge furniture, and an outdoor kitchen. 

Significant Environmental Impacts: The analysis in the Draft EIR identified potentially significant impacts related to air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology and soils, hazards and hazardous materials, noise, transportation, and tribal cultural resources. However, mitigation measures are identified for these impacts to ensure the project will not cause a significant impact on the environment. 

Government Code Section 65962.5: The project site is not contained on the lists compiled pursuant to Section 65962.5 of the Government Code.

Availability of the Draft EIR: Copies of the Draft EIR will be available for review beginning on July 25, 2023, at the following location and online at the following location:

City of Daly City – Planning Division

333 90th Street - Second Floor

Daly City, CA 94015 

Comments may be submitted in writing to Michael Van Lonkhuysen, Planning Manager, City of Daly City, Planning Division, 333 90th Street, Daly City, CA 94015, or emailed to  

Serramonte Del Rey Redevelopment DEIR- Full Text

Appendix A - NOP Comments

Appendix B - Draft Serramonte Del Rey Precise Plan

Appendix C - Air Quality and GHG Assessment

Appendix D - Biological Resources Assessment

Appendix E - Wetland Assessment

Appendix F - Biological Peer Review

Appendix G - Historic Resources Evaluation

Appendix H - Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation Report

Appendix I - Phase I ESA

Appendix J - Stormwater Memo

Appendix K - Noise and Vibration Assessment

Appendix L - Transportation Impact Assessment

Appendix M - Water Supply Assessment

Appendix N - Hydraulic Analysis

Appendix O - Sanitary Sewer Capacity Evaluation