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To provide high quality potable water in sufficient quantity to meet the health, safety and growth needs of the City of Daly City, while insuring that all appropriate health regulations are met.

To upgrade, improve and prolong the life of the water main system infrastructure to ensure the utmost consistency of service to the public while meeting all health department requirements in delivering high-quality drinking water to the citizens of Daly City.
water graphic Adopted 2010 Urban Water Management Plan  

Consumer Confidence Reports (Formerly called Water Quality Reports)

Copies of the current Consumer Confidence Report are available at all Day City Public Libraries.

Below is a copy of the D.W.W.R. shutdown notice. These are placed on your door prior to the water being shut off in your area for repairs. You will note that there are two kinds of shutdowns that we perform:

Scheduled Shutdown.
When we plan a job that will require us to shut the water off to make a repair or improvement to the water system, we will notify you at least 48 hours in advance of the water being turned off. This allows you time to adjust your lifestyle for the period that you will be without water.

Emergency Shutdown.
This type of shutdown occurs when there is an unscheduled water leak. This may be a hydrant that has been knocked down by a vehicle or a broken water pipe in the street, to name just a few examples. When these leaks are reported, our crews respond as quickly as possible to shut the water off and make the necessary repairs. The water needs to be shut off as soon as possible to reduce any chance of personal injury and property damage. You can be assured that the crews are working as efficiently as possible to restore your water service in a safe and timely fashion.

City of Daly City
Department of Water and Wastewater Resources
153 Lake Merced Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 991-8200
24 hour service



On __________ at __________, we will be turning off the water to your area in order to make an emergency repair to the water pipes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We expect the water to be turned back on __________.


On__________ from __________ to __________, we will be turning off the water to your area in order to make necessary improvements to the water pipes supplying your neighborhood.

If you have to leave your house after the water has been turned off, please make sure that all your faucets and fixtures are off to prevent the danger of flooding when the water is turned on.

After the water is turned on, you may notice some discoloration in your water. This is normal and not unhealthy. Please let your cold water run for several minutes until it runs clear.


Water supply improvements are being made in your neighborhood. This will involve the Water Department opening fire hydrants and flushing the water mains. This is a necessary procedure to insure good quality drinking water for our customers.

The water main flushing will take approximately 1 hour to complete, during this time the water crew will be closing valves and opening hydrants to flush any sediment from the water mains. You will notice water running down the street during this time, it is normal and is not a cause for alarm.

The water main flushing will be done on the below date:

During the time of the flushing, we are advising our customers to not use any water. If any water fixtures are opened during the flushing time schedule, there is a chance of dirty water entering into the water pipes of your house. If you experience any discoloration in your water afterwards, please let your cold water run in the bathtub for several minutes until it runs clear. The discoloration is from sediment and is normal and not unhealthy.

Thank you for your cooperation!

City of Daly City
Water and Wastewater Resources Department
(650) 991-8200
Please take into consideration any utility connections that are on your property when you are doing any landscape work. These may include the meter box, fire hydrant, or sample station. Our field crews need access to these items in order to read the water meters, service the fire hydrants (the Fire Department needs access to the fire hydrants as well in case of an emergency) and take water samples from the sample stations. Please keep an unobstructed pathway to and around our utilities. If you are planning to concrete an area where one of our utility connections resides, please call us in advance. We will provide a new box if necessary, and possibly upgrade the utility connection if warranted.
If you need to have your water turned off for any reason, please call Water and Wastewater Resources at (650) 991-8200, 24 Hours a day. Do not attempt to turn off the meter yourself. You may cause a leak or break the service which would result in you being liable for the cost of the repair.
To insure the quality of your drinking water, the Department of Water and Wastewater Resources has been installing water sample stations throughout the city of Daly City.

Most noticeable are the above ground stations. These resemble little green phone booths. They stand about 2' tall and are instrumental in aiding our staff in collecting water samples to be tested to insure safe drinking water for our customers. At present count, there are 32 sample "sites" in place.

The back up sample station differs in style from its above ground brethren. These sample stations are installed below ground, in a sealed meter box. The boxes contain both the sample station and a remotely read water meter. Being that the box is sealed eliminates the possibility of dirt of other debris from filling up the box.

Before the D.W.W.R. performs any job, we are required by law to contact the Underground Service Alert organization. This organization notifies all utility companies, like P.G.&E., A.T.& T., Pac Bell, local government agencies of our intent to work in a certain area. They respond to the location of the work site and mark on the ground with spray paint the locations of their utility. Each utility has its own color code identifier:

Red- Electric
Orange- Communications / Cable
Green- Sewer/ Storm Drain
Yellow- Gas/ Oil/ Steam/ Chemical
Blue- Water
White- Proposed Excavation

Before you do any digging on your property, it may be wise to call U.S.A. at least 2 days before you dig. Their phone number is 1-800-227-2600. All local utility companies will respond to locate and mark where their utility is. This will allow you to safely dig without damaging any underground pipe or cable that you may not have been aware was on your property.

City of Daly City Water Conservation