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Planning and Zoning Regulations

The Planning Division plays an integral part in fulfilling Daly City’s commitment to help local businesses prosper and assist new businesses to locate here. Let the Planning Division help you today in the first steps in planning a successful business location—conformance with Daly City’s Zoning Ordinance and General Plan.
The Planning counter is located on the main floor of City Hall and is open to the public for information and assistance Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by telephone at (650) 991-8033.
In establishing your business in Daly City, whether starting a new business, finding a new location, or planning a home-based business, a Planner can assist you in conforming with Daly City’s zoning regulations.
Zoning Conformance

Before you sign a lease or purchase a commercial building, be sure to contact the Planning Division to make sure that your business is allowed in the area you’ve selected. The Planning Division can tell you if your business meets current zoning requirements, plus whether you need any other types of review, like design review or a use permit.

Be sure to also ask for information about signage and parking requirements that may apply to your business and location.

Home-Based Business

You also need to check with Planning for a home-based business. A Planner will let you know if your intended home use is allowed and explain any applicable Home Occupation Regulations. For a Home Occupation Permit Application,
click here.

Building Permits

If you intend to alter, remodel, relocate or install any structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical portions of the building, you must obtain a building permit. Daly City requires that the permit be issued to the person or contractor who will be doing the work. For information on obtaining a building permit, click here.