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City Profile for Businesses

Superior Location For Your Business
Daly City is astride major transportation links between San Francisco and other Peninsula points in San Mateo County. In this position, Daly City can offer residents and businesses a location convenient to all economic activities but free from the congestion or high site cost of most local alternatives. As traffic snarls grow from nuisance to serious economic liability in the Bay Area, Daly City's location makes business sense. 

Daly City's connections to major regional centers are an important advantage for residents and businesses alike. The community lies just eight miles south of San Francisco's financial district, with connections to east and north Bay Area points via a combination of freeway and surface street routes. San Francisco International Airport is just nine miles southeast of Daly City, via the same highway network. Oakland International Airport lies 20 miles to the east, via the San Francisco-Oakland or San Mateo bay bridges. Silicon Valley and the greater San Jose metropolitan area, including San Jose International Airport, are 45 miles to the south on a combination of highway routes. 

Proximity to San Francisco, the East Bay and the San Jose area means access to all of the significant economic activity centers in the region. This places the Daly City labor force in a position to serve a variety of employers, from office-based to manufacturing and service occupations. It also offers any firm or institution locating in Daly City the same superior access to clients, customers and suppliers. A new employer locating in Daly City also has excellent transportation choices, including regional mass transit available through the BART Daly City and Colma station connections. 

Daly City enjoys an enviable relationship with the Bay Area's regional transportation network, with a combination of direct freeway, bus and mass transit access. At the present, Daly City's BART stations are important transfer points for commuters en route to San Francisco from Peninsula locations as well as local neighborhoods. 

Access to major regional centers is just one of Daly City's advantages. Daly City's two stations are the two busiest, outside of downtown San Francisco, on the entire BART regional system. Also serving Daly City with local and express bus schedules are the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) and the San Mateo County Transportation District (SAMTRANS). 


Daly City - Office Destination
Due to its central location and excellent transportation linkages, Daly City is easily accessible to San Mateo County and San Francisco, as well as Silicon Valley

By way of Interstate 280 or BART, Daly City is fifteen minutes from downtown San Francisco. Interstate 280 also provides excellent access to southern San Mateo and Santa Clara counties because it is less congested than US 101. Unlike other locations further south in San Mateo County, Daly City’s office market is not solely dependent on the 101 corridor for automobile transportation. With its two existing BART stations and the completion of the BART extension to San Francisco International Airport, Daly City will be more easily accessible by public transit

Daly City also offers office users and developers a majority of its residential community that currently commutes to downtown San Francisco. Office users and developers can easily tap into this workforce because of the convenience a Daly City location provides.  Daly City also offers a more reasonably priced housing supply than nearby neighborhoods in San Francisco and San Mateo County. Daly City’s convenient location, available workforce and affordable housing will attract those office users interested in locating their business close to their labor supply and reducing transit time and cost

Although historically limited in its supply of premium office space, a number of larger, attractive buildings have been built or renovated in the last five years. Most notably is the Pacific Plaza project on Junipero Serra Boulevard. This project currently includes a 7-story 300,000 s.f. office building, parking for nearly 2,000 vehicles, 20-screen movie theater and several restaurants. Another 300,000 s.f. office building site is available at the southeast corner of Westlake Avenue and Junipero Serra Boulevard, as well as space adjacent to the BART “kiss and ride” lot near John Daly Boulevard. A new facility for Kaiser was completed on Hickey Boulevard, near the 280 interchange, during 2003. Other significant office projects include 2171 Junipero Serra Boulevard and Serramonte Plaza. Office space is also available in the Civic Center area, Westlake Shopping Center and along Mission Street. A significant current project is the “Landmark Plaza” which, upon completion, will include 20,000 to 50,000 s.f. of office space.

While current inventory appears adequate for most local office requirements, the medical/dental office and other professional office markets have very low vacancy rates. These types of offices may provide significant development opportunities in the near future.


Daly City - Retail Shopping Location
Daly City is one of the most significant retail shopping areas in San Mateo County. Daly City draws its shoppers from San Francisco and the neighboring communities of North San Mateo County. Annual taxable retail sales for Daly City are approximately $690 million. Two of the most successful regional and community shopping centers in the Bay Area, Serramonte Center and Westlake Shopping Center, are located in Daly City.

Serramonte Center, an 860,000 square foot regional shopping center located on Interstate 280, was constructed in the late 1960s by Suburban Realty Company. Serramonte Center is anchored by Macy’s and Target, and has over 140 other retail tenants. During 2002, the Center was sold to the Capital and Counties group. The property has some surplus land and may accommodate expansion of the center. Serramonte Plaza, which is adjacent to Serramonte Center, is a mixed-use, office/retail project with Office Depot, Sport Mart and other tenants.

Westlake Shopping Center, the first community shopping center in the Bay Area, has over 620,000 square feet of commercial space. Home Depot, Safeway, Walgreen’s, Trader Joe’s, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Burlington Coat Factory anchor this quality discount center. It features a unique mix of restaurants. During 2002, the property was sold to the Kimco Realty Corporation shopping center group. The center has undergone a major revitalization.

Daly City has approximately 3.6 million square feet of retail space: 1.5 million square feet located in regional and community centers, 975,000 square feet located in neighborhood centers, and 1.1 million square feet along Mission Street and in various shopping districts throughout the City. Daly City is currently working with the Cow Palace and Syufy Enterprises to master plan the area bounded by Santos and Carter Streets, along Geneva Avenue for future mixed-use development that would include a new neighborhood shopping center, with grocery and drug store, as well as residential development. The area adjacent to the Colma BART station may offer a significant office/retail development opportunity. Daly City welcomes unrepresented national retail tenants. Additionally, the large Asian population of Daly City offers specialty retailers lucrative opportunities. Potential retail tenants are encouraged to consult with Daly City Economic Development staff at (650) 991-8034.