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School Education

The Department of Water and Wastewater Resources wants to teach students about pollution. Our resources are designed to reach kids with a message of environmental awareness and pollution prevention. If you're a City of Daly City educator, you have access to all of our materials, free of charge. We can send materials or drop them off at your site. We are eager to participate in any special event your public or private school, day care facility, or home school may have. We offer speakers, videos, books and website information to get you started.
Learn about Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention through presentations, activity books, dioramas, and tours, which speak directly to the students. We emphasize the effect pollution has on our environment. We want students to be involved and have a chance to make an impact on their world. For more information about our school program contact Cynthia Royer at 650-991-8203 or Email:
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If you would like a great field trip idea why not take your class to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and/or Gateway Garden? We offer tours of our facility throughout the year. Most age groups are welcome and we can tailor most tours to accommodate the specific age group and a particular subject. After the tour, the students can enjoy lunch at nearby Westlake Park.
Wastewater Treatment Plant- The plant is located at 153 Lake Merced Blvd in the Westlake District of Daly City. For more information and to schedule a tour, call us at 650-991-8200.
Gateway Garden- Located at the treatment plant, the garden demonstrates modern irrigation techniques and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It has plants, trees, vegetables and lawns. A fountain with a Koi pond highlight the garden. For more information and to schedule a tour, call us at 650-991-8200. Kids
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What does composting have to do with stormwater pollution? A lot! Runoff of chemical fertilizers into waterways is a serious problem. Known as nutrient pollution, this increase of nitrogen and phosphorous causes bacteria to thrive, depleting the amount of oxygen available for fish. Compost releases nutrients slowly and doesn't have this runoff problem. There are other benefits too--composting helps create healthy soils and plants, which are less likely to succumb to pest infestation, thus reducing the need for chemical pest agents.
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IPM is the wave of the future. It's a pest management strategy that works with nature to control pests, using chemicals as a last resort. This requires a large educational effort that has already begun in nurseries and garden stores. IPM is a new way of thinking about pests. It involves understanding the pest and what conditions it thrives on and then eliminating those conditions. A holistic approach, it utilizes knowledge of healthy soils, proper pruning, soil amendments, beneficial insects, and general plant health. When plants are healthy, they are less susceptible to pest infestation. To learn more about IPM and what you can do you can:
  • Visit our Gateway Garden
  • Go to the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District's website at to print a variety of pamphlets or
  • Call 650-991-8200 and receive any of the following IPM guides, free of charge:

    • Wonderful Roses
    • Tips For A Healthy and Beautiful Lawn
    • Naturally Managing Pests…With a Healthy Garden
    • Safe Use and Disposal of Pesticides
    • Controlling Ants In Your House
    • Keeping Fleas Off Your Pets and Out of Your Yard
    • Controlling Aphids In Your Garden
    • Controlling Yellowjackets Around Your Home
    • Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your House
    • Living With Spiders…The Helpful Hunters
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To educate the public about water recycling, NSMCSD has initiated a public outreach program. To learn more about the water recycling program contact: Cynthia Royer or Kevin Brown at (650) 991-8200 or email us at or