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Mission Statement
Committee Participation
Our Customers


Mission Statement
The Department of Water and Wastewater Resources team of employees proudly serves the community by providing safe, clean drinking water and protecting the environment by collecting, treating and disposing of wastewater.

Guiding us in achieving our mission are the following organizational values:

RespectWe show mutual respect for each other’s experiences, cultures, talents, and ideas.

Teamwork & CollaborationWe work together to serve our customers, solve problems, achieve and celebrate our successes.

LeadershipWe lead with integrity, commitment, and fair-mindedness, and we recognize that effective leaders embrace feedback, serve, encourage, and listen.

Communication & Engagement: We strive to inform our employees and to seek their involvement and input on key workplace issues.

AppreciationWe enjoy having a fun, friendly, supportive workplace that encourages and values the contribution of each team member.

Professional DevelopmentWe encourage and provide employees with support and training opportunities for personal goal achievements and professional growth.

ProfessionalismWe practice and encourage good judgment, polite behavior, high quality work, and exceptional service.

InnovationWe are open to exploring new ideas and methods designed to improve job safety, performance, efficiency, and sustainability and we learn from our successes and/or setbacks.

AccountabilityWe each earn trust by owning individual contributions and taking full responsibility for the success and/or setbacks of the team.

Committee Participation
City staff routinely participates in various workgroups or committees. Participation includes: 
  • Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA)
  • Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group (BAPPG)                
  • San Mateo Countywide Pollution Prevention Program (SMCWPPP)
  • California Water Enviornment Association (CWEA)
  • California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA)
Our Customers
These days, Californians can choose their telephone company and electric utility as well. Although the citizens of Daly City can't choose which sewer system to use, suppose they could? Would they choose NSMCSD-the North San Mateo County Sanitation District? Our goal is to deliver such outstanding service to all our customers that the answer would be, "Yes!"
Residential Customers
NSMCSD provided wastewater services for over 120,000 residents. Our maintenance and operations crews respond promptly to hundreds of sewer service calls each year.
Commercial Customers

NSMCSD serves hundreds of private enterprises of all descriptions throughout our service area. Our source control inspector works closely with businesses such as restaurants, dry cleaners, photo development labs and repair shops, helping them to understand local sewer use regulations and to prevent pollutants from entering the sewer system.

For more information about commercial sewer customers, contact our Environmental Compliance Section at (650) 991-8208 or email wdonnelly@dalycity.org