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Planning Commission Minutes August 5, 2008



Regular Meeting

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Council Chambers, Daly City



Chair Satorre called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


ROLL CALL:         Present:             Smith, Kelly, Satorre, Salamy, and Tallerico


      Staff Present:     Schott, Berger, Van Lonkhuysen, Naughton, and Courtney


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Moved by Commissioner Kelly, seconded by Commissioner Tallerico, to approve the minutes of July 1, 2008.  Motion carried 5-0




10.       Use Permit UP08-6, Design Review DR08-6 and Environmental Assessment for construction of two duplexes on adjacent lots (four units total) – 363 San Diego Avenue


Staff report presented by:       Jeanne Naughton, Associate Planner


Ms. Naughton presented an overview of the proposed project including illustrations of the site plan, floor plans and elevations.  The applicant is proposing new construction of a pair of duplexes on two adjacent, existing lots.  In her visual presentation, Ms. Naughton highlighted the areas to be revised based on staff’s recommendations and conditions of approval.  These revisions include addition of areas for trash and recycling receptacle storage, reduction of proposed curb cuts, modification of the third-level floor plan to provide a five-foot setback from the second level, modification of floor plans to comply with the 55% lot coverage, removal of the wet bar on the lower level, recessing garage doors and rear walls, recessing windows, and reduction of width of the rear half of the third level of both structures.


Commissioner Kelly commented on the numerous staff-recommended changes and suggested delaying the Commission’s decision by making a motion to continue the item.  Commissioner Salamy concurred by seconding the motion.  Senior Planner Michael Van Lonkhuysen suggested the item be continued to a date certain and noted the applicant would be able to address the items within the next thirty days.


The Commissioners were in agreement for the need to see revised plans that include the modifications identified in the staff report.  Commissioner Tallerico requested the item be continued to the October 7, 2008 meeting.


                        Speakers:        Sharon Hilgert, Applicant

                                                Sylvia Alvarez Lynch, Original Daly City Protective Association


One member of the public voiced concern for the neighborhood appropriateness of the project with regards to density and visual fit, parking and creation potential of a third unit in each structure.




Commissioner Smith recused herself from voting on this item as she resides within five hundred feet of the proposed project site.


Moved by Commissioner Kelly, seconded by Commissioner Salamy, to continue the public hearing to October 7, 2008.  Motion carried 4-0.




            Meeting adjourned by Chair Satorre at 7:21 p.m.



                                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                                        Richard Berger

                                                                        Director of Economic and Community Development