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Planning Commission Minutes - July 1, 2008



Regular Meeting

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Council Chambers, Daly City



Chair Satorre called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


ROLL CALL:         Present:             Smith, Kelly, Satorre, and Tallerico

                              Absent:               Salamy


      Staff Present:     Schott, Berger, VanLonkhuysen, and DeFries


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Moved by Commissioner Smith, seconded by Commissioner Kelly, to approve the minutes of May 6, 2008.  Motion carried 4-0.




10.       Major Subdivision SUB08-1, Use Permit UP08-11 and Environmental Assessment to obtain condominium map approval for 72 residential units and three ground-floor retail units – 2665 Geneva Avenue


Staff report presented by:       Michael VanLonkhuysen, Senior Planner


Mr. VanLonkhuysen presented the request by Margaret Berlese, representing Fergus O’Sullivan, to obtain condominium map approval for the project at 2665 Geneva Avenue.  This project was approved by City Council and Planning Commission in 2005 and is presently under construction. The map is a requirement of the Conditions of Approval that were adopted at that time.


The site is located at 2665 Geneva Avenue between Calgary and Rio Verde Streets in the Bayshore neighborhood.  The site was formerly a grocery story.  The approved building includes 72 condominium units above grade level and 3 retail spaces at ground level.  The residential units range in size from 715 to 1,564 square feet. The commercial spaces include one large space at 8,956 square feet and two smaller spaces at 466 and 1,118 square feet. 


The project went through the Design Review Committee process and there were some changes to the design.  The Planning Commission is going to be making a recommendation to City Council on the proposed tentative map, which will allow the applicant to sell the 72 condo units to the public as well as the commercial spaces to potential users. 


All the parking spaces for the residential units are provided beneath the building.  There are 28 spaces exclusively for the retail spaces behind the building. There are some Conditions of Approval related to the map.  One of the key ones is the establishment of a property owners association (POA), which would include residents as well as business owners.  The concept is that each of these members would have a voting say in how the association is run for building maintenance, accessibility of parking spaces, etc.  The City is requiring that the property owners’ association be professionally managed.  The POA members would pay dues and a third party would manage the association. 


In the coming months, before this map is recorded, the applicant needs to prepare a maintenance plan for the building and plaza, which will include landscaping and street furniture.  In requiring these items, the City desires assurance that there is a mechanism in place to ensure that all those amenities stay in acceptable condition. 


Commissioner Tallerico noted that this is a “rough area” and asked if there would be security provided.  Mr. VanLonkhuysen answered that at this point he didn’t know what the plan for security is, but the homeowners association could address that. 


Mr. VanLonkhuysen continued that there is also a parking management plan that needs to be submitted to the City.  The City needs to approve how the parking spaces are allocated.  The City is also requiring the execution of an Affordable Housing agreement.  This project is in a Daly City Redevelopment Agency project area, which requires that 15% of the residential units be affordable.  Before the final map is recorded, the location of the units, the cost of the units and other issues need to be worked out. 


A Negative Declaration was adopted for the affordable senior project and no additional environmental review is necessary as part of the tentative subdivision map.  Approval of the condominium map would not significantly increase the impacts identified by the previously prepared initial study. 


Mr. VanLonkhuysen noted that the Commissioners have received a memo from staff indentifying some minor changes to the Public Works Conditions of Approval and if they approve this item, they should reference the amendments to the Conditions of Approval.


Commissioner Smith commented that she went by the project and the plaza area looks very nice.  She had a question about the Parkland Dedication fees and wanted to know that if the fees were reduced as mentioned in the staff report, did the general public have to have access to the open space.  Mr. VanLonkhuysen replied that the plaza will be opened to the public, but there are some private spaces inside the building, which can count toward the reduction in fees. 


Commissioner Tallerico asked if City knew the cost of the affordable units.  Mr. VanLonkhuysen answered that the cost has not been determined, but there are guidelines and structure in place to guide negotiations with the applicant. 


Commissioner Satorre asked if the property owners association would be included in the CC&Rs.  Mr. VanLonkhuysen said that they would be included. 


No members of the public spoke on this item.          




            Moved by Commissioner Kelly, seconded by Commissioner Tallerico, to close the public hearing. Motion carried 4-0.


            Moved by Commissioner Smith, seconded by Commissioner Kelly, to adopt the findings as outlined in the staff report of July 1, 2008.  Motion carried 4-0.


            Moved by Commissioner Smith, seconded by Commissioner Kelly, to approve Major Subdivision SUB08-1 and Use Permit UP08-11, as amended per the staff memo and subject to the Findings and Conditions as outlined in the staff report of July 1, 2008.  Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.





            Chair Satorre announced that the General Plan Steering Committee will meet on July 26th.  Commissioner Tallerico offered congratulations to Joseph Curran and Tatum Mothershead on the new addition to their family




            Moved by Commissioner Kelly, seconded by Commissioner Tallerico to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 p.m.



                                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                                        Richard Berger

                                                                        Director of Economic and Community Development