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Redevelopment Agency Minutes, April 23, 2007



MINUTES – APRIL 23, 2007



The meeting was called to order by Chair Gomez at 8:14 P.M.


ROLL CALL:              Members Present:


Maggie Gomez, Chair

Carol L. Klatt, Vice-Chair

                                                Judith A. Christensen, Director

                                                Sal Torres, Director


                                    Members Absent:


                                                Michael P. Guingona, Director


                                    Staff Present:


                                                Patricia E. Martel, Executive Director

                                                Rose Zimmerman, Agency Attorney

                                                Maria Cortes, City Clerk

                                                Richard Berger, Assistant Director, Economic

& Community Development





It was moved by Director Christensen seconded by Vice-Chair Klatt and carried to approve the minutes of April 9, 2007.




It was moved by Director Torres, seconded by Director Christensen and carried to approve the agenda for April 23, 2007.







A Resolution of the Governing Board of the Daly City Redevelopment Agency Providing for Transfer of Property to the Unsecured Roll and Requesting Cancellation of Taxes on Property Acquired for Affordable Housing Preservation and Rehabilitation (260 Abbot Avenue, Daly City, California


It was moved by Director Torres, seconded by Vice-Chair Klatt and carried to approve all items on the Redevelopment Agency Consent Agenda of April 23, 2007.






10.       Conceptual Review CR06-7 Point Martin 14-Lot Subdivision

Martin Street – West of the Summit Ridge Subdivision off Steve Courter Way


Richard Berger, Economic & Community Development Assistant Director, presented the staff report and noted the proposed residential subdivision of a steeply sloped property off Steve Courter Way fronting the unimproved Martin Street Right-of-way consists of 14 detached, single-family residences with lot sizes ranging between 2,000 to 2,400 square feet. The average lot size is 2,200 square feet.


Staff recommended denial of the proposed subdivision to the Committee and recommended they direct the applicant to continue pursuing opportunities with neighboring land owners to develop a project that would meet the intent of the Pre-PD zoning district.  The subject site is approximately 1.8 acres of a larger collection of vacant parcels between Saddleback Condominiums and Summit Ridge that is approximately 19 acres.  Developing it separately represents piecemeal development.


On March 29, 2007, the Agency Committee abstained from making a recommendation to the Redevelopment Agency Board and directed that the project move forward to the Agency for review and determination.


Chair Gomez and Vice-Chair Klatt summarized the Committee meetings held on the project, including a field trip to see the site.  Director Christensen expressed her belief that a property owner should have a right to develop their property.  Director Torres expressed a concern that developing on small piece of a larger collection of vacant parcels could affect the ability to develop the adjacent parcels.  He expressed a concern over the City’s liability in such an instance.  Director Torres also expressed concern that this project could prove to be precedent setting and might lead to addition piecemeal development in the area.


Mr. Dave Beaumont, the applicant’s representative, asked the Agency to conceptually approve the proposal in order to improve the owner’s position to negotiate with surrounding property owners.  There are three separate lawsuits between the owners of the surrounding vacant parcels and very little cooperation.  He summarized the site’s history in terms of development interests and noted that SB 1818 might allow the owners to increase density in order to facilitate the inclusion of affordable units in the project.  He also stated the owners are prepared to make whatever improvements are necessary to the infrastructure to adequately serve the site.


Mr. Tom Carey, owner of the property, noted that he and his partner were seeking to develop a site in a manner consistent with the single family development to the south.


It was moved Director Christensen seconded by Vice-Chair Klatt, and carried by a 3-1 roll call vote, with Director Torres voting no, to adopt the following resolution:



A Resolution of the Daly City Redevelopment Agency for Conceptual Review (CR06-7) Re:  Point Martin 14-Lot Subdivision on Martin Street West of the Summit Ridge Subdivision off Steve Courter Way





It was moved by ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Director Christensen, seconded by Director Torres, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 9:31 PM.





Secretary of the Redevelopment Agency

Approved this _______ day

of                           , 2007






 Chair of the Redevelopment Agency