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Arts and Culture Commission


  • document type pdf AC150226 - [33KB]Study Session - February 26, 2015
  • document type pdf AC150310 - [15KB]Special Meeting - March 10, 2015
  • document type pdf AC150421 - [16KB]Special Meeting - April 21, 2015

Arts and Culture Commission

FONG-MARTINEZ, Pauline B. (Term expires  06/09/2016)
LIAIGA-ANOA’I, Manūfou  (Term expires 05/27/2016)
PANIZA, Dorie C. (Term expires 08/11/2018)
RIZZI, Norman J. (Term expires 11/17/2018)
RODRIGUEZ, Nancy G. (Term expires 09/08/2018)

In order to support and advance arts and culture within our community, in December 2013, the City Council established the Arts and Culture Commission. The City is currently recruiting for five members to serve on the Commission for a four year term. Applicants must be residents of the City and have demonstrated a strong commitment to the arts. 

The Commission is expected to meet monthly and its duties include: