Zone 6


Zone 6 - Complete



Completed Flushing


Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of November 15 through November 18

King Dr - between Brighton Ct and Junipero Serra Blvd, Brighton Ct, Camelot Ct, Bromley Ct, Arley Ct, Gellert Blvd - between Verducci Dr and City Heights Shopping Ctr, Plymouth Circle, Brosnan Ct, City Heights Shopping Ctr, Hyde Ct

Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of November 8 through November 10

Morton Dr - (between Simpson Ave and Margate St), Gellert Blvd - (between Serra Vista Ave and Margate St), Dover Ct, Victoria Dr, Parnell Ave, Shipley Ave, Margate St

Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of November 1 through November 4

Manzanita Ave, Castillejo Dr, Serramonte Blvd- between St Francis Blvd and Callan Blvd, Kent Ct, Ward Ct, Higate Dr - between Castillejo and St Francis Blvd, Campus Dr, Bacon Ct, Hickey Blvd – between St Francis Blvd and Gellert Blvd, Callan Blvd - between Clarinada and Morton, Innisfree Dr, Wembly Dr, Penhurst Ave, Morton Dr -  between Parkrose and Margate, Parkrose Ave, Cameo Ct, Heath Ct, John Papan Ct, Simpson Dr, Gellert Blvd - between Serravista and Margate, Dover Ct, Victoria Dr, Parnell Ave, Shipley Ave, Margate St, Gellert Blvd - between Margate and Verducci, Serravista Ave, Montevista Ln, Serra Ln, Victoria Dr - between Gellert and Serravista, Derby St, Marbly Ave, Norwood Ave, Surrey Ct, Barbara Ln, Michelle Ln, Hampshire Ave, Verducci Dr, Hampshire Ave, King Dr - between Verducci and Amhurst Ct, Amhurst Ct



Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of October 25 through October 28




Edgemont Dr, Huntington Dr, Monterey Dr, Higate Dr – between Southgate Ave and Edgemont Dr, Carleton Ave, Glenbrook Ave, Southgate Ave - between Higate Dr and Ocean Grove Ave, Westmoor Ave  - between S. Mayfair Ave and Ocean Grove Ave, Maywood Ave, Baldwin Ave, Crestline Ave, Ocean Grove Ave, S. Mayfair Ave - between Westmoor Ave and Montrose.



Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of October 18 through October 21



Ridgefield Ave, Belhaven Ave, Palomar Dr, Southdale Ave, Grandview Ave, Lincoln Ave, Southgate Ave, Woodland Ave, Mayfield Ave, Shelbourne Ave, Rockridge Ave



Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of October 11 through October 14



Higate Dr, Santa Rita Ave , Clarinada Ave, St Francis Blvd, Castillejo Dr, Lakeshire Dr, Northaven Dr, Belhaven Ave, Santa Ana Ave, Pacifico Ave, San Juan Ave, Portola Ave, Woodside Ave


Zone 6 - Schedule forthe Week of October 4 thru 7



Skyline Dr, Oceanside Dr, Menlo Ave, Wavecrest Dr, Northridge Dr, Eaton Ave, Highland Ave, Carmel Ave, Avalon Dr, Morningside Dr, Westmoor Ave, Seaview Dr, Upland Ave, Palisades Dr, Crestview Ave



Zone 6 - Schedule for the Week of September 27 thru September 30



Skyline Blvd, Longview Dr, Clearview Dr, Montebello Dr, Westline Dr, Rockford Ave, Belcrest Ave, Seacrest Ct and Beachside Ct