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Water Conservation Tips

Residents Are Urged to Reduce Water Use by 10%

Dry weather conditions in 2013 were unprecedented, prompting Governor Brown to declare a drought emergency for the state and asking Californians to take action by voluntarily reducing water use by 20%.

The City of Daly City purchases about half of its water from San Francisco, whose watersheds include Hetch Hetchy in the north of Yosemite National Park, and those locally along Crystal Springs, the large body of water next to Highway 280 in San Mateo. The remaining half of our supply comes from local groundwater wells.

As part of the City and County of San Francisco’s Regional Water System we are guided by the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC), and they have urged customers to voluntarily curtail water consumption by at least 10%. Voluntary water conservation efforts in the coming months could help avoid possible mandatory rationing and deeper water consumption limits in the future should drought conditions persist.

All residents and businesses of Daly City have been successful in reducing consumption by 7.8%; however, more is needed to achieve the 10% desired level. By mid-June SFPUC will determine if greater efforts are needed to preserve water supplies.

Daly City residents can help preserve water supplies by practicing these water saving tips:

  • Only wash full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Keep showers to five minutes or less
  • Thaw frozen food in your refrigerator or microwave, not under running water
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth
  • Don’t use the toilet as a waste can
  • Water in the early morning hours or water as little as possible
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean outdoor spaces
  • Put a bucket in your shower to catch excess water (or when waiting for the water to get warm) and use that water on container plants
  • Install low-flow shower heads, faucets and toilets – call 991-8203 for rebate information
  • Repair leaks

For more tips on how to save water inside or outside the home, visit www.sfwater.org or www.saveourh2o.org