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We offer consultations and training to your business, whether big or small on pretreatment and stormwater compliance. Our staff is up to date on the latest Best Management Practices (BMPs) for your particular business. We offer pamphlets and brochures on the BMPs for your business, free of charge.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

BMPs are suggestions to businesses to minimize the source of pollutants at their place of business. Here are some general BMPs that businesses can incorporate right now!

  • Cover Areas Where Potential Pollutants are Stored
    Store pollutants such as trash, grease, paints, chemicals, and metals to minimize contact with stormwater.
  • Seal Leaking Storage Containers and Dumpsters
    Prevent substances like grease, liquids, and food products from coming into contact with rainfall and entering the storm drains.
  • Prevent Spills and Leaks. Cleanup Promptly when they Occur
    Clean spills without water whenever possible.
  • Sweep Parking Lots and Outdoor Storage Areas Regularly
    Sweep these areas at least once a week to maintain a debris-free facility.
  • Maintain Landscaping Properly
    Pick up and properly dispose of clippings, don't sweep or blow wastes into the gutter or storm drain.
  • Recycle or Dispose of Fluids Properly
    Recycle automotive fluids, solvents, and cleaners or dispose of them as hazardous waste.
  • Wash Vehicles and Equipment in Designated Areas Only
    Wash areas must be paved and fitted to drain only to sanitary sewers.
  • Label and Inspect Storm Drain Inlets
    Stenciling storm drain inlets on your property alerts employees and customers that no dumping is allowed.

If you would like to receive your free pamphlet or need more specific information on the following practices, contact Ward Donnelly at 650-991-8208 or Email: or simply click here to go to the STOPPP website where you can print a copy.

  • Grease…Help for the Food Service Establishment
  • General Construction and Site Supervision
  • Fresh Concrete and Mortar Application
  • Sawcut Slurry
  • Earth-Moving Activities
  • Painting and Application of Solvents and Adhesives
  • Landscaping, Gardening, and Pool Maintenance
  • Outdoor Cleaning
  • Automotive Service and Repair Shops
  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Auto Body Repair and Finishing
  • Car Lots
  • Roadwork and Paving