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Plant and Equipment Maintenance

Mission Statement
Service Responsibility
Procedures and Policies

To ensure that all of the Department's facilities are continually maintained by holding to the highest possible standards of performance and appearance in all phases of our work scope; to maintain the stock of the central warehouse in order to achieve uninterrupted service to our customers; continue with the evaluation of all the equipment for which this division is responsible; to provide the equipment with the longest life, obtain the most economical and continuous performance of all the systems accouterments; to provide training for development and continue to meet the changing safety requirements of the members of the Plant and Equipment Maintenance staff.
All equipment within the wastewater treatment plant, all corrective and preventive maintenance at the water pump stations, and corrective and some preventive maintenance at the wastewater lift stations.
Repond to service requests - prioritize each request as they are received to determine which has the highest priority. Close all service requests as soon as the work has been completed.
Repond to work orders - prioritize each work order, be it preventive, corrective, modification or an emergency, as they are received. Determine what has the highest priority and order parts and materials as needed. Close all work orders as soon as the work has been completed entering parts, labor and other detailed information used to perform the job to track equipment history and costs.
Evaluate System Equipment - this is an on-going procedure where equipment is evaluated for repair or replacement or installation of new more efficient equipment. This process is particularly important since we have equipment that is a year or less in age to equipment that is over forty years old.
Maintain Buildings & Structures - on-going inspections of all the buildings and tanks that make up the wastewater treatment plant, all of the water system structures and the wastewater pumping stations. The inspections include but are not limited to roofing material condition, crack repair in concrete and stucco structures; inspection of the inside of the various tanks and reservoirs throughout the water and wastewater systems.
Follow Established Safety Programs - strictly follow established safety procedures such as confined space entry, fall protection, hazardous gas monitoring, use of personal protective equipment and to keep up with the latest procedures and equipment for the protection of our personnel and the public.