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Standard Details 2018 Part Four

Standard Drawings (Adopted Dec 2018 and Jan 2019)


M-1 Survey Monument Installation with Frame
M-2 Brass Cap for Survey Monument

PR-1 Tree Staking & Planting
PR-2 Tree Well
PR-3 Planting Strip Root Control Barrier
PR-4 Root Control Barrier Typical Specification
PR-5 Pop-Up Sprinkler Head Installation
PR-6 Remote Control Valve
PR-7 Quick Coupler Installation
PR-8 Gate Valve Assembly
PR-9 Irrigation Thrust Blocks for Main Lines
PR-10 Street Tree Clearances
PR-11 Sidewalk Tree Placement
PR-12 Dripline Subsurface Irrigation System
PR-13 Dripline Layouts
PR-14 Tree and Shrub Bubbler
PR-15 Trunk and Branch Structure

S-1 Street Design, Section & Cul-de-Sac
S-2 Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk
S-3 Residential & Commercial Driveway
S-4 Pipe Trench Excavation and Backfill Requirements
S-5 Street Trenching Pavement Restoration
S-6 Street Light (For 6' or Wider Sidewalk)
S-7 Street Light (For 4' & 5' Sidewalk)
S-8 Street Name Signs and Sign Location
S-9 Street Name Sign Construction
S-10 Traffic Signs Fabrication and Installation
S-11 Traffic Sign Median Installation
S-12 Parking Meter Post
S-13 Pedestrian Push Button Instructions
S-14 Off-Street Parking Stall Criteria
S-15 Construction Project Identification Sign

Storm Drain System
SD-1 Catch Basin Plan, Section, Gutter Depression
SD-2 Catch Basin, Sections and Details
SD-3 Catch Basin with Trap and Cleanout (CSS)
SD-4 Storm Drain Manholes (Pipes 48" or Smaller)
SD-5 Curb Face Drainage Outlet

Water System
W-1 1" Water Service Lateral Connection for 3/4" or 1" Meter
W-2 Water Service Lateral 1" & 2" Combination Service Connections
W-3 Water Service Lateral - 2" & Larger
W-4 Water Main Connection - Fire Hydrants (Residential Area)
W-5 Water Main Connection - Fire Hydrants (Commercial Area)
W-6 Water Main Connection and Valve
W-7 Below Ground Blow-Off
W-8 Above Ground Blow-Off
W-9 Air Release Valve Assembly
W-10 Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Device
W-11 Fire Detector - Check Valve and Connections
W-12 Fire Service for Multi-Story Residential Building
W-13 Water Main Thrust Block
W-14 Angle Marker

Sanitary Sewer System (North San Mateo County Sanitation District) 
SS-1 Non-Pressure Manhole Frame and Cover
SS-2 Pressure Type Manhole Frame and Cover
SS-3 Polyethylene Manhole Adjustment Ring (Sloped)
SS-4 Sanitary Sewer Manhole - Cast in Place
SS-5 Sewer Lateral 
SS-6 Sewer Lateral Connections
SS-7 New Sewer Pipe Support Across Trenches
SS-8 Side Sewers at Utility Crossings
SS-9 Flexible Connection at Manhole Tie-In
SS-10 Clean Out & Backwater Valve
SS-11 New Utility Pipe Crossing Existing Sewer Pipe


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