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If you would like to report a problem or area of concern on public property or in the public right-of-way please use Daly City iHelp.

The Maintenance Division is comprised of the Facilities Maintenance, Parks Maintenance, Street Maintenance and Fleet Maintenance Sections.

Jeff Fornesi
Assistant to the Director of Public Works


Facilities Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Section of the Maintenance Division functions as a full-service building maintenance organization for the City government. It serves the community through the repair, installation, maintenance and cleaning of all City buildings, playground equipment and fencing. This service is accomplished through a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and includes buildings and building systems (such as heating and air conditioning systems), elevators, emergency generators, signs, fencing and retaining walls. The division maintains 30 playgrounds, numerous picnic areas, and 39 basketball and tennis courts.

To contact Building Maintenance, please call (650) 991-8095 during normal business hours
(7:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Mon-Fri).

 Public Works Maintenance Supervisor - Facilities


Parks Maintenance

The Parks Maintenance Section of the Maintenance Division is a full-service division responsible for the care and maintenance of the City’s parks, open spaces, street medians and all City-owned buildings’ landscaping. This includes weekly mowing, litter and debris removal, shrub and tree pruning and other miscellaneous landscape maintenance. Parks Maintenance also employs a certified arborist and operates a tree-crew who are responsible for the care and maintenance of the thousands of trees located within parks and the public street rights-of-way, comprising that portion of the City’s urban forest that is mostly available for public view and enjoyment. The tree crew is responsible for scheduled pruning and maintenance of City maintained trees and removal of diseased and dead trees located within the public rights-of-way. Parks Maintenance invites you to enjoy the City’s parks and open spaces and to take advantage of all of the wonderful amenities and features City parks have to offer.

To contact Park Maintenance, please call (650) 991-8015 during normal business hours
(7:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Mon-Fri).

Dennis Bray
Public Works Maintenance Supervisor - Parks


Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Section of the Maintenance Division provides maintenance of all public right-of-ways, vacant City properties, and the City storm water drainage system. Job duties include traffic signal and street light maintenance, asphalt and concrete street repair, painting of street legends, lane lines, curbs and parking zones installation and maintenance of all street signs, installation and repair of guardrails. Manual cleaning and mechanical sweeping of streets occurs on a weekly basis.  The Street Maintenance Section also clears illegally dumped materials, weed and rubbish violations, administers the Sidewalk Repair program, cleans and removes graffiti from City owned property, and provides safety, technical, and cross training to Division personnel.

To Contact the Street Division, please call (650) 991-8097 during normal business hours
(7:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Mon-Fri).

Joseph S. Stabile, Sr.
Public Works Maintenance Supervisor - Streets


Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Section of the Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance, repair and eventual replacement of all City vehicles and large equipment. The Fleet Maintenance staff provides annual inspections and scheduled preventive maintenance to ensure vehicles are kept to Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Standards and manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, Fleet staff provides repairs to failed or damaged equipment and arranges for outside private vendor repairs when appropriate, to ensure the most cost effective service delivery. The City's fleet includes a total of 298 vehicles. This total includes 91 vehicles in the Police Department, 58 vehicles in the Department of Public Works, 53 vehicles in the Department of Water and Wastewater; 38 vehicles in the Fire Department; and 34 vehicles in the Parks Department. The remainder of the fleet is used by the City Manager’s Office, the Department of Economic & Community Development, and the Department of Finance & Administrative Services. Fleet Maintenance furnishes technical information, and prepares specifications for the purchase of new vehicles and equipment for the City as well.

To Contact the Street Division, please call (650) 991-8026 during normal business hours
(7:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Mon-Fri). 

Jose Garcia
Public Works Maintenance Supervisor - Fleet