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Slurry Seal 2017 - Bayshore and Southern Hills

Schedule and Map

The Schedule and Map are Subject to Change

2017-18 Slurry Seal Schedule (Updated 7/19/2017)

2017-18 Slurry Seal Maps (Updated 7/19/2017)

Notice of Street Work

The City of Daly City is pleased to announce it will be conducting its annual street maintenance project in your neighborhood between July and September 2017. The City’s contractor, Graham Contractors, Inc., will soon begin “slurry seal” treatment of your street and/or other streets in your neighborhood.

The Slurry Seal process spreads a thin asphalt and aggregate mixture on the street surface to provide a protective coating to extend the pavement life and improve its appearance. Please see the reverse side for a map of streets receiving treatment. A detailed schedule will be available on this page in July. Please check this site regularly for updates or schedule changes due to weather conditions. If you are planning to move or have other reasons why access to your property is very critical on a specific day in July, August, or September, please contact Ryan Brunmeier at (650) 991-8064.

To allow for the work, temporary “NO PARKING” signs with the date and time of no-parking restrictions will be posted 48 hours in advance.  Please move your vehicle off the street by 7 AM on the posted day or your vehicle will be towed at your expense. Wet slurry seal will stick and stain. Walking or driving on wet slurry seal will leave unsightly tracks on the road, stick to shoes, car tires and finishes and stain sidewalks and driveways. Please do not drive or walk on the slurry seal until the Contractor has removed all barricades and traffic cones. To provide additional alternate parking, the City will suspend normal street sweeping no-parking restrictions on streets adjacent to those being closed for slurry seal work.


1.   BASE REPAIRS -  This  involves  digging  up  and  repairing  smaller  areas  of  damaged pavement. During this phase, streets are generally open for through traffic, with limited parking restrictions to allow for the repair work.

2.   CRACK SEALING - The Contractor will clean and fill pavement cracks. Street access typically is maintained during crack-sealing operations.

3.   SLURRY SEAL - The contractor is required to place notifications on the doors of all properties along the affected streets a minimum of 48 hours before a street is closed for slurry seal. The Contractor will apply slurry seal to the entire pavement area. To properly apply slurry seal, each street must be closed from 8AM until 5PM to allow for the slurry application and drying process. No vehicles will be allowed on the street until the work and drying process is complete. Access to and from your driveway will also be prohibited.  Please move your vehicle off the street by 7 AM or your vehicle will be towed at your expense. You will not be able to drive your vehicle from your garage or driveway once work begins. If you wish to have access to your vehicle on the day of the street closure, please relocate your vehicle outside of the work area prior to 7 AM or the night before.

We understand road projects like this can be an inconvenience. We will do everything we can to get this job done quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions or require any special attention, please call Ryan Brunmeier, Project Manager, at (650) 991-8064.

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