New Locations

DCPD Added Additional Photo Red-Light Enforcement Intersections

Junipero Serra Boulevard, at Washington Street
John Daly Boulevard, at Poncetta Drive
Hickey Boulevard, at Gellert Boulevard

In March of 2008, the City of Daly City implemented an automated red-light enforcement program as part of an overall traffic safety plan designed to reduce collisions, improve safety for motorists, raise public awareness and improve enforcement efforts. The first camera was placed at the intersection of San Pedro Road at Junipero Serra Blvd. Since the program’s inception, traffic collisions throughout the city have declined approximately 22%.

Between June 24, 2009 and July 1, 2009 the City of Daly City activated three additional automated enforcement camera systems at the following intersections: Junipero Serra Blvd. at Washington Street; John Daly Blvd. at Poncetta Drive/ Sheffield Drive; and Hickey Blvd. at Gellert Blvd. Following a 30 day warning period actual citations will be issued to violators.

The program uses an automated camera system which takes 4 photographs and a 12 second video to record the violation, the driver, and the license plate of the vehicle. The camera system only becomes active after the signal light has turned red. Vehicles crossing the limit line, or entering the pedestrian crosswalk, after the light has turned red are detected automatically and the camera system records the images.

Fines for a Red Light Violation are $436. Drivers are reminded that an approach for a right turn that is regulated by a red light requires a complete stop. Specifics on this right of way condition can be located in the California Drivers License Handbook. This handbook can be located at your local DMV office or electronically at:

More information about the Daly City Police Department Red-Light Photo Enforcement Program can be found on the Daly City web site at:

You may also call (650) 746-8322 to speak directly to the administrators for Daly City’s Red Light Photo enforcement program.