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Traffic Enforcement

The primary duty of the Traffic Enforcement Unit is the enforcement of traffic laws in order to reduce traffic collisions, their resulting injuries, and to facilitate the safe and expedient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These efforts result in safer roadways and streets, fewer fatalities, injuries, and reduces property damage. The Unit concentrates its enforcement efforts in the areas with the highest collision rates within the city of Daly City. These efforts have proven to be effective in reducing the numbers of collisions in the City.

Speed, one of the leading causes of collisions, is enforced through the use of laser and radar devices. Each motorcycle and radar officer is equipped with one of these devices. The Unit also utilizes display trailers in order to combat speeding. Mobile speed display radar trailers are rotated throughout the City to inform motorists of their speeds and serve as an educational tool.

Red light enforcement is conducted with the utilization of red light indicators, also known as "tattle-tale lights", which are located on the backside of signal lights. These devices allow officers to position themselves on the other side of the intersection being enforced. The tattle-tale light indicates when the light turns red and enables officers to identify vehicles that have run the red light. This innovation has improved officer safety and the effectiveness of red light running enforcement, without putting officers at risk by eliminating the need to chase-down violators. Intersections with indicators can be found here.

To report an abandoned vehicle or any other traffic-related complaints, please click here.