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Vehicle Releases

Tow Truck

If your vehicle has been towed by the Daly City Police Department, you will need a vehicle release prior to being able to retrieve your vehicle from a tow yard.  In order to obtain a vehicle release you must bring the following with you: 

  •   Registered owner must be present
  •   Valid drivers license, or somebody with a valid drivers license
  •   Valid vehicle registration
  •   Valid proof of insurance
  •   Proof of payment for unpaid citations

Vehicle releases are provided 24 hours a day in accordance with California Law.  However in some cases, a 30-day hold may apply on your towed vehicle.

Vehicle Release Fees:

The vehicle release fee is $240.00 per release for all towed vehicles except recovered stolen vehicles.  

Towed recovered stolen vehicles require a vehicle release from the law enforcement agency that took the stolen vehicle report. The vehicle release fee is waived for recovered stolen vehicles and vehicles towed by private entities on private property.

After obtaining a vehicle release form from the Daly City Police Department, the owner must take the form to the tow company, where all towing and storage fees will be paid.

Vehicle Booting:

A boot is an immobilization device placed on the tire of the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from being driven. Vehicles with five (5) or more delinquent Daly City parking citations will be subject to booting and/or towing under CVC 22651(i). For the boot to be removed, the owner has seventy-two (72) hours to pay for the outstanding citations in full and also pay a $60.00 release fee. 

Proof of payment of the outstanding parking citations must be provided along with the payment of the $60.00 release for the boot to be removed from the vehicle. If the outstanding citations are not paid after seventy-two (72) hours, the vehicle will then be towed (refer to “Towed Vehicle” section for more information).


You can pay your vehicle release fee or citations at the Front Desk of the Daly City Police Department during business hours via cash, money order or certified check. Personal checks will not be accepted. Credit card payments can only be accepted Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM at the City of Daly City Finance Department. Citations can also be paid on-line at www.pticket.com/daly.