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Job Seeker FAQ


How often are jobs posted?

The Human Resources Department updates the website as soon as a position opens.

How do I apply for a job with the City of Daly City?

The City of Daly City only accepts applications for open positions. Please follow the selection process carefully on the job announcement, which can be obtained by visiting our Human Resources Department or downloading from our job opening web site. To apply directly online, visit www.calopps.org

If I do not see a position open that I am interested in, can I submit an application?

No, the department does not keep applications on file. If you are interested in a position that is not currently open, complete and submit an interest card. You may do this online or call our office to obtain interest cards. Our interest cards automatically expire after six months. Should the position open up within the six months the Human Resources Department will send you the application and job bulletin for the position.

Where can I turn in my completed application?

Applications may be mailed or delivered to:

Human Resources Department
City of Daly City
295 – 89th Street, Suite 105
Daly City, CA 94015

Do you accept postmarks?

Yes. Mailed applications must be POSTMARKED no later than the final filing date.

Can I turn in one application for more than one current opening?

No, you are required to submit a separate application for each position that you are applying for.

Do you keep applications on file so that I do not have to turn in a new application to apply for another position?

No. We suggest that you make copies of your application in case you wish to apply to future openings.

How do I get to your testing facilities?

Click here for a link to directions to our frequently used testing facilities.

Can you tell me about your testing process?

  • Written examination items are generally multiple choice and responses are marked with a pencil on Scantron answer sheets.
  • Some positions also require a performance examination such as a typing test or a physical agility test.
  • If you pass the written examination, you'll get written notice of when and where to take the oral examination.
  • Generally, the short oral examination is conducted by a panel of three examiners who ask each candidate predetermined questions.
  • The passing scores from your written and oral examinations are averaged to compute a Final Score. Your name will be ranked on an Employment List. You will be notified in writing of your rank and the life of the list.
  • As vacancies occur, a specified number of candidates will be certified in accordance with the Multiple Factor Certification procedure as set forth in the Rules and Regulations of the Classified Service. The names of certified candidates who are interested in being considered for a vacancy will be referred to the department in which the vacant position exists. The appointing authority makes the appointment.
  • Employment Lists generally expire after two years from promulgation. An oath of allegiance to the United States and to the State of California must be taken before appointment to any position in the City service.