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Daly City’s Green Vision

Climate Action Plan

The Daly City climate action plan titled, "The Daly City Green Vision – TEN for TWENTY," focuses on actions the City organization has already taken and can take over the next ten years to reduce its carbon footprint. While this plan focuses only on City operations, one key goal is to engage the community in the creation of a community based strategy for reducing our community’s adverse impact on the ecology of our planet. We have already begun this effort in partnership with the local business community, Sierra Club and homeowner associations and will continue the preparation of the community‐based strategy and plan through ongoing community outreach.

The Daly City Green Vision – TEN for TWENTY sets goals rather than specific, technical emissions reduction targets. We envision the plan to be a living document. As part of each biennial budget development, review and adoption cycle, the plan will be reviewed by City staff and the City Council and updated as conditions dictate. By ensuring this is a living document and incorporating its review into the regular budget development process, the City ensures the implementation of the vision through the appropriation of the necessary fiscal resources and performance measurements to achieve its goals. 

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