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City Manager

Shawnna Maltbie
Interim City Manager of Daly Citymaltbie, shawnna, city manager, manager, interim

Ms. Maltbie has been employed with the City of Daly City for over 13 years. She manages Daly City’s full-service Human Resources Department providing strategic planning and leadership to all
City departments in the areas of labor and employee relations, recruitment and retention, succession planning, training and development, worker’s compensation, and health and safety.
She collaborates with cities throughout San Mateo County to improve effectiveness and efficiency through shared services, including serving on the Governing Board of the San Mateo County
Regional Training Consortium.

Ms. Maltbie has over 20 years of experience in local government, 13 of which have been spent working for the City of Daly City. She was hired as the Assistant Director of Human Resources in 2005 and was promoted to the Director of Human Resources in 2007.

Ms. Maltbie previously worked for the County of San Mateo as the Human Resources Manager
(Medical Center), Employee Relations Analyst (Employee & Public Services) and Recruitment
Analyst (Hospital & Health Services Agency). Maltbie also worked for the City of Pacifica in the
City Manager’s Office and Department of Parks, Beaches and Recreation departments.

Ms. Maltbie’ s familiarity and rapport with the Executive Management and City staff will enable her
to step into the role of Interim City Manager quickly and continue moving the City forward during
this time. Ms. Maltbie is very familiar with Daly City, having previously assisted with executive
goal setting and team building, facilitation of interdepartmental issues. Her rapport with the
Executive Management team and other City employees will enable her to quickly come to speed on
issues and concerns and be an effective leader for the City of Daly City.

Click here for a copy of the City's Mission Statement and Organizational Chart.