Jobs for Youth

We are excited to be partnering with San Mateo County Jobs for Youth to offer six virtual, one hour workshops on Wednesdays starting October 7!

Jobs for Youth envisions a community in which every youth feels empowered to take charge of their career and economic future. To this end, we provide support via our three pillars of success—job skills workshops, employment opportunities, and scholarships.

Jobs for Youth workshops focus on job preparation and lifelong career success. All workshops are built on the belief that the career journey is about more than getting a job: it’s about finding, and being, yourself. We teach our youth that the best way to figure out what you want to do is to figure out who you are.

During Jobs for Youth workshops, youth learn how to communicate more effectively, network, master the job application process, and interview effectively. We also teach youth how to succeed at a new position and how to leave a job respectfully. All workshops are based on our proprietary curriculum and use our fun, engaging workbooks.

We currently offer six virtual, one-hour workshops. We recommend that youth take these workshops in sequence. Exclusive to youth 14-21 who reside in San Mateo County. Register at:


Workshop Date
Soft Skills for Success 
Because success starts with knowing yourself, loving yourself, and being yourself. This workshop focuses on success, confidence, and resiliency and is the first essential building block to all of the other workshops. In this workshop, youth gain confidence and an understanding of their individual growth potential. Participants learn to present themselves in a positive and thoughtful light.
October 7
Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. In this workshop, youth learn the value of networking and authentic relationships. We explore the differences between direct and indirect networking, learn how to network on LinkedIn, and develop an understanding of how personal networks are seen by potential employers. By the end of the workshop, youth learn how to give a “passion pitch” and feel more confident in professional interactions.
October 14
Job Searching & the Master Job Application
In this workshop, youth learn how to find job openings that are a good fit. By the end of the workshop, participants have a basic understanding of online job search tools, the typical application and hiring process, and how to identify transferable skills that match a job description. We also cover how to maintain and use a Master Job Application, and we guide youth in reviewing sample job applications and completing an application. For youth under age 18, we cover how to obtain a work permit.
October 21
Resume & Cover Letter
This workshop builds on the material covered in the Job Searching & Master Job Application workshop. We cover the structure of effective resumes and cover letters, dissecting a resume with youth and providing tips on making resumes shine. We explore the different types of resume layouts and learn the importance of customizing resumes. We also discuss professional references, thank you letters, and the value of networking. We introduce O*NET, a resource for exploring occupations. 
October 28
The Interview
This workshop prepares youth to succeed in the job interview. We cover the different types of interviews, what to wear and what not to wear, and how to prepare for an interview. We teach the EAR (Event, Action, and Result) method for responding to questions, and we interact in polls or in the chat box to answer various roleplaying interview scenarios. We also discuss how to prepare an effective closing statement. Youth learn to reflect after an interview, explore ways to be resilient, and gain confidence.
November 4
I Got the Job! I Didn’t Get the Job! Now What?
This workshop prepares youth for the first day at a new job and helps them be the best version of themselves at work. Youth learn that being nervous for the first day of work is normal and that we all feel that on some level. We discuss strategies for managing anxiety and for turning nervous butterflies into confidence, and we share tips for overcoming common first day challenges. We also cover how to quit a job and move on respectfully and what to do when an interview does not result in an offer. In this workshop, we emphasize personal discovery and strategies for dealing with challenges on the road to success.
November 18


Volunteer Leadership Program

The Volunteen Leadership Program (VLP) gives teens (who have completed 8th grade) an opportunity to perform community service at one of the four Summer Youth Recreation Program (SYRP) sites.Volunteens will engage participants enrolled in our SYRP by leading activities and games, supervising arts and crafts, and helping prepare for the summer talent show, summer carnival, and other special events and activities.

For more information, contact teens@dalycity.org and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Daly City Youth Advisory Committee

The Daly City Youth Advisory Committee (DCYAC) is an advisory body to the City of Daly City. DCYAC's goals are to provide youth feedback and represent the youth voice to promote a healthier community while empowering the youth of Daly City. This will include:

  • Providing opportunities and resources to teen residents of Daly City
  • Promoting education, healthy living, and social awareness
  • Preparing teens for the future through community outreach, events, workshops, etc.

For more information, contact info@dalycity-youth.org and follow on Instagram.